“Quality Control” at its very best!

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At Z911Partsstore.com, we labor to supply our Porsche public the best in quality reproduction and refurbished products for your 911/912/356 machines. We are constantly working with our suppliers in Germany to better serve you by staying ahead of issues that arise that offer the opportunity to improve our line. Case in point, our 69-73 911/912 Door Pockets!
We have discovered that through rough shipping variances to the USA, that the “Swing Out” pockets would occasionally be cracked at the apex of the rear center ABS support. This was only occasional, but the problem existed nonetheless. We determined that our boxes were literally smashed under the tremendous weight of other boxes during international transport and that no matter how we packaged these particular items, potential for breakage existed.
IMG_6520 IMG_6519 IMG_6518 IMG_6517
Back to the drawing board in Germany, the engineers in charge in Karlsruhe did extensive research to resolve that weak point on the door pocket, while maintaining original spec as possible. NOTE: Originally the Door/Map pockets (OEM) were made of a fiberboard. Our product super ceded to UV safe and structurally superior ABS plastic as a skeleton providing superior strength and rigidity.
Our new production Door/Map Pockets now are simply the best solution available. It is our goal to keep our public and shop owners updated as to improvements and upgrades to our already superior products. We are always open when it comes to achieving perfection !
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Note: There has not been an instance that our former pocket has broken after installation, only during shipment
Your opinions and thoughts as to how we can better our line is always welcome!
Jonathan Sieger
Product Development

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