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“PCA Santa Monica Concours”

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The Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport is headed up by its curator and designer, Dan Ryan who seems to have a great sense of “Man and his Machine”. The Museum holds many events outside the aviation realm including the Annual Porsche Club of America Grand Concours, which literally takes over the whole premises. We were there with the 64 Ivory White over Red 356 and I threw out the “Moving Blanket” in front, strategically parked (getting there very early for an optimum spot), and setting up Z911Partsstore, Beach Blanket style!
Jerry Seinfeld and the “Usual Suspects” showed up making the day even that much more apparent to the pure appeal of the Porsche art form.   Brianna Becker, PCA’s LA Region President, pulled off a spectacular job! Great vendors, great food trucks, great events and contests! The California sun pierced through the clouds and by the end of the day, we were “talked out” and looked like lobsters but it was well worth it..
Peoples Choice went to an Aubergine early 911 that was off the charts.  The machine was near flawless and the color, the color!  Enjoy the pictures!
IMG_6421 IMG_6437 IMG_6439 IMG_6463 IMG_6465 IMG_6466 IMG_6470 IMG_6471 IMG_6477 IMG_6501-1 IMG_6504 IMG_6508 DSC_9301 DSC_9306 DSC_9309 DSC_9310 DSC_9312 DSC_9314 DSC_9316 DSC_9324 DSC_9342 DSC_9340 DSC_9338 DSC_9334 DSC_9332 DSC_9327 DSC_9326 DSC_9344 DSC_9347 DSC_9349 DSC_9351 DSC_9354 DSC_9356 DSC_9357 DSC_9383 DSC_9381 DSC_9376 DSC_9374 DSC_9372 DSC_9370 DSC_9365 DSC_9385 DSC_9387 DSC_9389 DSC_9390 DSC_9392 DSC_9395 DSC_9397 DSC_9403 DSC_9405 DSC_9408 DSC_9412 DSC_9416 DSC_9419 DSC_9422 DSC_9440 DSC_9438 DSC_9436 DSC_9431 DSC_9428 DSC_9427 DSC_9425 DSC_9444 DSC_9446 DSC_9457 DSC_9461 DSC_9463 DSC_9466 DSC_9471 DSC_9475 DSC_9479 DSC_9481 DSC_9485 DSC_9487 DSC_9488 DSC_9490 DSC_9498 DSC_9505 DSC_9511 DSC_9516 DSC_9518 DSC_9519 DSC_9520 DSC_9521 DSC_9527 DSC_9529 DSC_9531 DSC_9534 DSC_9537 DSC_9539 DSC_9541 DSC_9543 DSC_9545 DSC_9548 DSC_9550 DSC_9551 DSC_9555 DSC_9559 DSC_9563 DSC_9566 DSC_9570 DSC_9573 DSC_9579 DSC_9580 DSC_9583 DSC_9589 DSC_9590 DSC_9596 DSC_9597 DSC_9601 DSC_9607 DSC_9620 DSC_9622DSC_9612DSC_9626DSC_9631DSC_9635DSC_9641DSC_9644DSC_9647DSC_9655DSC_9661DSC_9663DSC_9664DSC_9670
Written by: Jonathan Sieger
Photos by: Jonathan Sieger & Kevin Baktiar

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