Mazda Raceway!

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6:30am, Tom Stahler appears in my room at my Mountain house yelling “WAKE THE !*&*&^^%!$#@!! UP-WE GOTTA GO! He scared the hell out of me because I forgot that I’d left the front door open the night before.

Off to Monterey to help cover the “Road to Indy” event at Laguna Seca/Mazda Raceway over the weekend, helping Tom do what he does best. Give the Race Public the “Show on a Silver Platter” as only Stahler can deliver it. Stahler didn’t really need help, being the pro that he is but included me anyways. His new gig at Turnology Publications began earlier this week. Tom is the “Editor at Large” there now. Our Press/Media credentials and the Mazda gig itself gave us Carte Blanche and we were treated like kings all day. We were literally on the track shooting, and it was amazing! Stahler knew everybody and was really well received. Obviously, he is highly respected in his field of automotive journalism. We had access to every┬ápart of that track, the Racers Paddocks and Suites therein. I felt like a rock star! (Mazda comp’d a really bitchen Suite @ the Hilton as well !)
On the way up north this morning, we had to stop to honor James Dean and the site where he met his final turn at the wheel in his 550 Spyder. That “stop” in itself was heavy and unearthing. Dean reportedly was actually on his way to Salinas to Race when tragedy struck. In the final analysis, I still think he somehow knew what was around “that” turn. He always had an almost eery “knowing” when it came to death/life/and those related mysteries that most of us don’t even try to understand. He talked about that stuff a lot, it’s said.

Stahler and I tag-teamed fun “Facebook Live” episodic “Back-n-forth’s” for the race fans, along with serious really cool full coverage of the Day. Was great to see my friend and Mazda Raceway’s CEO Gill Campbell hang out for a minute during all the frenzy. As always with Tom, was an ego-less BBBLLLAASSTT!!

NEXT WEEK THE U27/ A2Z show goes to the Coronado Festival of Speed. Gonna knock the dust off her! Enjoy some pictures and stay tuned for tomorrow’s cool stuff!

IMG_7031 IMG_7034 IMG_7039 IMG_7040 IMG_7043 IMG_7044 IMG_7047 IMG_7048 IMG_7049 IMG_7058 IMG_7061 IMG_7067 IMG_7069 IMG_7071 IMG_7073 IMG_7080 IMG_7097-1 IMG_7100 IMG_7109 IMG_7116-1 IMG_7125 IMG_7132 IMG_7146-1 IMG_7149-1 IMG_7150 IMG_7151 IMG_7154 IMG_7155-1 IMG_7155 IMG_7159 IMG_7164 IMG_7170 IMG_7177 IMG_7178 IMG_7179 IMG_7195 IMG_7199 IMG_7205 IMG_7207 IMG_7210 IMG_7211 IMG_7213 IMG_7215 IMG_7217

Written & Photos by:

Jonathan Sieger

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