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Hello all, and hope the day brings good cheer and excitement for Sundays TARGA CALIFORNIA. Dave Bouzaglou has made strides to create a small “Stop Off” in Pine Mountain Club for the 125 or so entries in the phenomenal event, “TARGA CALIFORNIA“. A 4-day funded/sponsored drive through some of California’s most beautiful backroads, discovering the absolute ULTIMATE in scenic and challenging public roads. Most unknown to even the die-hard weekend drivers.

Dave’s choice as to routing through Pine Mountain was pure genius in that (rather than turning west down on Lockwood Valley Road at the bottom in Frazier Park- ) the “Targa Cal participants ” will be going up to 5500-6000 foot level experiencing the dense lush forest, deep blue skies ribboned by some of the most beautiful (semi secret) driving roads in the world (Trust me, I live here but was on Nurburgring last week (Nordschleif) so I KNOW what I’m talking about), you might even catch a bear or two crossing the road, so “awareness-up” people!   

“PINE MOUNTAIN CLUB WELCOMES TARGA CALIFORNIA is a combined effort by the local town business owners and TRE Motorsports to allow Targa California participants to stop for a few, stretch the legs, grab a bite, some drinks, receive a warm welcome, and grab a whiff of the local “flavor” in “PMC”.

Pine Mountain Club is literally one of the ultra few yet “untainted” paradises left in our vast state.  It’s like Topanga Canyon without the traffic, like Mulholland but still retaining its “innocence” relative to congestion and its “locals”, who are very cool and amazing people as a collective.

So prepare to be greeted warmly by “Tony” the owner of Pine Mountain General Store and Pine Mountain Fuel, Mark Bailey of Madd Baileys Pub and his Gal “Deb”, the locals and as if by “divine providence”, the tail end of the LILAC FESTIVAL is trailing down Sunday afternoon so feel free to enjoy a moment of “Cool” with all its great food and art as well, before you “take to the road once again”!   

Plenty of Parking set up just for TARGA CALIFORNIA and PHOTO SHOOTS of each participant of Targa California as well!  FREE ICE COLD WATER will be handed out. Great food and drinks available to pack and take! GET READY TO “PIT STOP”/ Gas Up and gear up for some real cool stuff in PMC !  


Here’s a video by Petrolicious on the “Targa California”!

Click Here!

Written & Photos by: Jonathan Sieger

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