The Home Front

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6000-sumpthin miles from home, on the road, trying to make things GO! Fucking exhausting, reallyThis effort would NOT be anything without the support and vision of Kevin Baktiar – CEO to Z911Partsstore.comKevin is stuck in California, crammed with College work, projects he’s doing that are being scrutinized by some of the largest Aero Space companies in the USA, yet STILL Kevin somehow manages to throw himself fully at our Company’s evolvement. Teamwork makes this possible. Teamwork is the essential that is going to translate to YOU-THE PUBLIC- being able to have the FINEST PORSCHE INNOVATIONS available today-and tomorrow.. 
Kevin Baktiar is the detail guy that somehow pulls it all off.  If not for his love of Porsche and vision relative to creating a company that really sets a NEW Standard in Porsche Restoration Parts excellence. I wouldn’t be motivated to grind all this shit out over here. Good to have you “at the other end heading it all up”, Kev.
Written by: Jonathan Sieger