“Porsche Unobtanium”

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You know, sometimes you meet someone great, an “Earth Mover”, and realize that still that person is not only human, but has soul and an uncanny ease about them that life just seems to magically do what they ask it it to do That their vision will always succeed because the attitude is humble and strong at the same time because that person does not listen to anything negative or diminishing. Just his/her gut sense at the end of the day and it PAYS OFF.
Mark Wegh, Owner of Porsche Centrum Gelderland Hetteran has achieved the “unbelievable” in his last 10 years with Porsche. His dealership spans 2 city blocks and his facility is the ONLY Porsche dealership in the world to have been sanctioned by “Big Eagle” (my reference to Porsche) to open the first and largest  “PORSCHE CLASSIC CENTER” A FULL RESTORATION / COLLECTION FACILITY (OUTSIDE OF THE MUSEUM /CLASSIC CENTER, PORSCHE HEADQUARTERS STUTTGART) within the Gelderland Dealership!
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I’ve known Mark Wegh for a few years now, we have a very casual aquaintenship that was easy and “kindred” from the get-go.  Every time I’m here, I pop in (I stay in Hetteran nearby) and try to catch him for a minute or two to “pick his brain”. Today was rather special in that I have a special car MATILDA“, a 1958 Rudge 356A Cabriolet to offer him.
IMG_2584 IMG_2583
As usual, Mr. Wehg took time within his hectic day and we took over an hour together just walking through his store and chatting Porsche. His PORSCHE CLASSIC CENTER  proved to be the “Big-Ticket-Item” to be sure. Then we went up to the top floor, just Mark and I, to go over his private collection of “Porsche Unobtanium“. All I could keep saying was, WOW! Enjoy the pix!  
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Written by: Jonathan Sieger

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