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One of my oldest friends in Germany and business partners in cars, ANDRE CZECH of CLASSIC CARS CZECH in Moers, Germany, has really crammed A LOT of “KUHL FAKTOR” into his rather small showroom in Moers. It’s really an adult candy store!

Andre does it all, restores them/builds them/shows them at the events across Europe, brings life back to them in a really unique way that gives his VW Busses and Early 911’s major “BLING-BLING”. Then finds homes for these bitchen machines amongst the “Collector Crowd”, all over Europe.

What sets Andre apart from the normal “Dealer of Classics” here in Germany is his motives. Andre actually is an “artist and designer”. He has that sense of “Cool” and takes virtually EVERY machine he acquires, and “evolves” it/”Stylizes” it, brings his own vision to the canvas and wont stop until he’s thoroughly convinced that his “piece” is completed to it’s utmost in vintage character. It’s almost as though he is able to “read” the unique personality of each machines “soul and past ownership” and resurrect this 100% “Patina” really takes on new meaning here @ “Classic Cars Czech” 

Andre’s and his wife Anna come to the USA frequently and “Churn & Burn” in Calif. almost like a “Military Operation”. Anna handles the logistics and co-ops the plans while they hunt cars. Andre has been a “Builder” for years, gives the final “thumbs UP” or “thumbs Down”, then off to the shipper or not with the “prospect”.

Patrick Nickl holds down things in Moers often and is the guy that does his “Art” by making the busses and the vintage Porsches magically come back to new life. Patrick is truly gifted with talent and can take “ugly” to beautiful in a few days with his years of Carrosserie Expertise. Enjoy the pix!

Written by: Jonathan Sieger


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