“Friendships (& PORSCHE’S) that withstand “THE TEST OF TIME”

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It’s always really cool for me when I’m here in Europe to visit with my friends that are not necessarily “pure business”, but have began as friends, and evolved as so. Uwe Schmidt and his lovely wife Crista, are perfect examples to a friendship spanning 6000 miles and about 5 years now.

   Ubach Palenberg is a small town in Stadt North Rhine Westphalia near Aachen. I arranged to crash over at their pad for a night before I drove down to “HQ” in Karlsruhe early the following morning to meet up with the guys that make most of Z911Partsstore possible.

    As always with real friends, walking in was easy and warm. Genuine smiles and big bear hugs! Lots of wine, talking and catching up about the “little BIG things”. It’s really cool when you are “on the road”, exhausted with travel and your head is full, NOT to have to be “on” rather to feel comfortable enough around others to just “be”. That’s the way it is with Uwe and Crista. I could “exhale” for a minute. Then really sleep… 

     Four years ago, I found an “IndisRotMetallic” 83 Euro Targa with a very unique Factory PASHA interior fabric scheme, up in Northern California. Uwe was on the lookout for a “keeper” 911, and this seemed to be A perfect fit! At that time, he had a dealer/”friend” who we both worked with, (no longer) to put things together. Most people I know commonly say, “Hey man, give me a “special” price, I’m gonna KEEP it for myself.” Most of the time that is pure BS, Not in this case! The car sits in its own comfy garage, covered and loved. Taken out and driven occasionally. Loved always.  These are situations that make this “business” of mine, absolutely worth all the hassles.

Photos & Article by: Jonathan Sieger

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