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Karlsruhe Germany is in the south, aprox. 30 minutes from Stuttgart to the slight northwest, Heidelberg directly north. Strasbourg directly south And there you have it.  I drove 360 kilometers beginning 0645 am from Ubach Palenberg and arrived at 10:15 to the “facility”. I hope you don’t mind some vagueness but I will not use names nor any other indications that are too specific. Not to be cryptic but here is where my Parent Company resides and the “Hub” to almost 800 porsche repro parts. “The names have been changed to protect the Geniuses”. For 2 days I am here with my friends. The” Big Cheeze” goes under the “code-name ” GREEN ASPARAGUS”- (Note that throughout the following text..) The cute German Chick with the Disguise Glasses is his sexy assistant, “Agent 88″. Then there’s of course “Kantenwein” (his name is “ok” to use because he visits the “Coffee Shops” frequently and doesn’t know his true name half the time himself ) but SOMEHOW makes sure the Porsche world is well supplied and it can be said of him that He is TRULY the “Back Bone” of the company and Klaus (we can use his real name because there’s about 1,000,000 “Klaus’s” here so no worries on him.). Klaus restores “Green Asparagus’s” secret projects and maintains the Porsche’s of the Facility’s Friends. It was also a wistful reunion with my Blue  67 Pro-Built, Pro touring Camaro, My 57 T1 Speedster, and My old 86 928 S- (All now owned by “GREEN ASPARAGUS” )     

Coming to “HQ” always makes me smile warmly.. They took me in from the cold, a “Rogue Agent”, gave me the code name “SPAGHETTI MADNESS” and have been my “Go-To” facility for a huge part of my present life of Mission after Mission. (no tears please)..

Enjoy the damn pix, already. 

Written & Photos by: Jonathan Sieger

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