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Imagine doing what I do, buying or building some of the coolest vintage cars on the planet then selling one, and moving on one to the next. What a cool thing to do! The variety, the change of scenery and a different dynamic for each machine.  

Then imagine having the unique opportunity to see and enjoy those same machines, once again, after finding them their “New Home”.  Now imagine that some of those iconic machines wind up in Europe and the owner is your friend . That I can visit those friends, those machines and tooling around 6000 miles from home. Visiting and working in countries whose culture began two thousand years ago, the roads, the scenery. The smells, the vibe, and there you are driving your old 57 Speedster to the bakery, with one of your best friends in Europe. How lucky can I be? God is amazing.

Written & Photos by: Jonathan Sieger

  IMG_3414 IMG_3416   IMG_3407

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