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MFI Throttle Bodies


We at Z911 Parts Store are pleased to introduce our MFI Throttle Bodies to the public! Our TB’s are precision made in Bochum, Germany in aluminum and intricately machined using “5-Point” CNC Process. They are literally the “only game in town!” We offer you these solutions in all conventional early 911 MFI sizes; 2.0 E/S (69), 2.2 E/S (70-71), and (72-73) 2.4 T/E/S Spec. We also offer “RS” spec (41-43mm Port Diameter/46mm “Butterfly)  Throttle Bodies as well. A long overdue replacement solution to the decaying early Magnesium Facsimile’s. (Tuning will be necessary after installation). Also available are MFI Pump Mounts!
Requires: Intake Manifold Gasket, #901.108.391.05 (6); Intake Manifold Gasket with MFI, #911.110.191.01 (6).
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  • Applications:
  • 1969 – 1973: 911/912
  • Hardware Cad plated
  • Anodized charcoal as Original
  • Porsche Reference Number: N/A

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Weight 7 lbs