First Stop “Schiphol”!

Posted On April 8, 2016 at 8:02 am by / Comments Off on First Stop “Schiphol”!

Here in Schiphol, waiting Paul who picks me up- then from Amsterdam to Renkum to ‘gear up” -then Techno classica in Essen Sat and Sun to start the month off… Big thrust towards product development for Z911 and some very top-secret  huge ticket products for Porsche 911’s we have been working on since last year… Flight was good- and I’m wiped..  Chris from Motron is on Holiday to Berlin this weekend- so I’ll stay there and work…    Funny, when you do a month away- the butterflys dont come until you actually get here, unlike a shorter trip…

IMG_2622 IMG_2583 IMG_2620 IMG_2671 IMG_2623 IMG_2666 IMG_2663 IMG_2669

Stay tuned for more updates on the trip!

-Jonathan Sieger

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