Boutersem Belgium

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Boutersem Belgium is a small village outside Brussel about 25km. Just outside that tiny Hamlet is a rather sprawling 15th century Farmhouse surrounded by acres and acres of rolling meadow. It has seen generation after generation of wealthy landowner through the Centuries. Inside the old place you would imagine slow easy opulent living within its expansive richness. “Farmhouse” really doesn’t fit, Villa however does.. Who would possibly think that within it’s rustic confines at the two level Barn and work building incorporates the nucleus of LAKEWELL. Wouter Van Der Meer is behind and in front of one of the true hidden treasures within the Porsche Builder/Restorer’s arsenal, “interior component” wise. Rich European Wool Haargarn Box weave Carpet Sets for 356/early911 SliverKnit for “G-body” machines true “Perlon”..Pepita/Pasha/ Pinstripe/Tartan/Cordouroy/”Jubilee”/Scripted Jacquard seat fabrics. Deep grained heavy”true-to-original” German Leather, etc. The LAKEWELL company achieves uncanny exactness relative to their Fabrics and “soft parts” for early 911 interiors.. Wouter’s attention to authenticity is second to none. We @ Z911PARTSSTORE are honored to be a close ally/ Product representative, and business constituent- and personal friend to the “Lakewell Family”. Enjoy the pix!

Written by: Jonathan Sieger

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